Services Available

Below are the services offered by the team here at Saint Christopher's Cathedral Church

A Blessing after a Civil Marriage

At Saint Christopher's Cathedral Church we are not able to offer legal wedding ceremonies but we can offer newly married couples a religious ceremony following a Civil Marriage.

​​Weddings range from £450 – £1500. Depending of a range of factors. We do not currently have a venue in which to hold your service ceremony, but we are happy to assist you with finding a venue.


Funeral ceremonies conducted by clergy from Saint Christopher's Cathedral Church are both a celebration of a life and a dignified, distinctive farewell. They’re the perfect option for families who want a sincere, personal reflection on the life of their loved one.

Funerals (for a single time slot at a crematorium) £180 – £300. Longer, more complex ceremonies or memorial services may be more.

Christenings/Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a way of celebrating and welcoming a new addition to your family. It focuses on the child – or children – being named and the friends and family that surround them.

​People choose to have a naming ceremony because they want to bring family and friends together to celebrate one of life’s key milestones.

​A naming ceremony also provides the opportunity for those gathered to reflect the roles that key people will play in the life of the child.

​Naming ceremonies are perfect for newborns or toddlers and many are combined with a first birthday celebration. But they don’t have to be limited to young children. They can be held whenever you’re ready: there’s no rush!

​For older children they can be seen or used as a rite of passage or a celebration of your child’s growing maturity. They can also be the perfect way to welcome adopted children or step-children of any age into a family.

​Naming Ceremonies range from £150 to £450